Emily Curtis


The five-track EP is a mixture of styles and flavors that contain pop, jazz, soul, and country. The resulting experience will leave the listener with introspective feelings of individuality as Curtis’s strong suit is her ability to share her own bravery through soulful lyrics of empowerment and self-acceptance.
— Enter The Venture
“Battleshade” is a big pop song with tact, backing away from an expected explosive hook to give the focus to Curtis’ stellar voice.
— MP3 At 3PM, Magnet Magazine
Emily Curtis is a beacon of positivity and hope. A soulful pop singer out of South Carolina, Curtis uses music and her platform to spread messages of empowerment to all she comes in contact with.
— WordKrapht
This is pop music with a purpose.”
”Electronic whirls rise and fall against a simple beat that manages to become entangled in your subconscious. It’s an affecting pop sound that doubles as a fists-up anthem that pushes back against convention and lazy assumptions.”
— Notes From Left of the Dial, Nooga.com
The debut EP from singer songwriter Emily Curtis, Hindsight, is a five-track call to bravery with resilient melodies and dynamic refrains prompting feelings of triumph and vigor.
— Skope Magazine
Dreamlike yet defiant, confident and honest, “Battleshade” is the independent-minded, panoramic and brand-new single from Charleston, South Carolina’s Emily Curtis.
— The Autumn Roses
make no mistake – the entire song is empowering and relatable to any woman who has been told she cannot make her dreams come true. Those lyrics belong to “Battleshade”, the first single from the soon to be released EP Hindsight by Soul Pop artist, Emily Curtis. It is a battle cry song accompanied by pulsating beats, haunting piano keys, and metaphorical meaning.
— Myki Angeline, The Women's International Music Network
The dark-pop single off her Hindsight EP is mainstream enough to penetrate and creative enough to inspire. Emily Curtis is war ready.
— 5 Indie Songs that Demand Attention, Salute Magazine


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